Ernemet Carpet & Kilim is located in the shadow of the historic Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey. Featured in Lonely Planet, Ernemet specializes in the curation of authentic antique and vintage floor coverings.

Ernemet, a family owned and operated business, was established in 1960. With customers that include some of the world’s finest designers and collectors, Ernemet’s most well-known clients include American retailer Pottery Barn, Soho House Hotels as well as the Rockefeller Family. Ernemet, located in the shadow of the historic Blue Mosque, specializes in the curation of vintage and antique floor coverings and textiles. Although Ernemet’s presence is global, they maintain the charm and hospitality of a family. With an ancient Turkish Bath in one corner, Ernemet’s garden is perhaps the best-kept secret in Istanbul’s historic Sultanahmet.

Kemal and Faruk, the proprietors of Ernemet, are like family. Over the last decade, we have worked on countless projects. Our current collection includes antique floor coverings, handmade ikat pillows, and vintage ceramics.

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