Ebru Soap specializes in handmade olive oil soap. Each item is handcrafted in the heart of Istanbul using a generations old family recipe.

The story of Ebru Handmade Soap begins in 1923. In the family garden, mother taught daughter the family secret for creating olive oil soap. The recipe, which starts with a spoonful of olive oil and ends with a prayer for health, continues to be passed from generation to generation. To promote health and well-being, Ebru Soap uses only the highest quality ingredients.

The collection of environmentally friendly, healthy, handmade soap includes:

Aloe Vera Soap
Argan Oil Soap
Black Sesame Soap
Bee Pollen Soap
Cinnamon Oil Soap
Cocoa Oil Soap
Hammam Soap
Jasmine Soap
Juniper Tar Soap
Lavender Oil Soap
Mimosa Blossom Soap
Mint Oil Soap
Orange Cinnamon Soap
Patchouli Soap
Pomegranate Soap
Red Rose Soap
Sea Moss Soap
Shea Butter Soap

Lovingly made by hand in Istanbul, Turkey

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