Bamboo Pestemal

Pestemals are an essential part of the Turkish Bath and beach experience. Absorbent, light-weight and quick drying. Designed and Made in Denizli, Turkey.




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Absorbent, light weight and quick drying

  • Bamboo Pestemal | Bamboo Peştemal
  • 95 × 165 centimeters
  • 40% Bamboo 60% Cotton
  • Light weight, absorbent and quick drying
  • Designed and Made in Denizli, Turkey | Türk Malı

Once the capital of the Roman Empire, Turkey adopted Roman bath culture and the hammam was born. Today, the public hammam is still a major part of the culture. In traditional hammams, female and male sections are separate. However, the bathing rituals are the same: body scrubbing, a foamy wash, and a massage.

Peştemal Towels are an important part of the Turkish Bath Culture. Absorbent, light-weight and fast drying peştemals are frequently seen at the hammam and the beach. In addition to being functional, they are versatile and can be used a wrap, a throw or even as a table runner.


Barine Home was founded by husband and wife team Şeyda and Ozan Ozansoy. Şeyda (with her eye on design) and Ozan (with his eye on production) collaborate to create long-lasting, high-quality products. In addition to a high standard for design, Barine is also dedicated to producing the very highest quality products. Barine is based in the heart of the Aegean.




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Barine is based in the heart of Turkey’s Aegean region in the city of Denizli. Denizli is a well-known center for the production of textiles. In addition to textiles, Denizli is home to many natural wonders and historic sites.