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Each of the eight amazing Vagoon House Models will have a technical specification page. The pages will include custom designed icons to highlight the features within each Vagoon House Model. Additionally, the content and layout of the pages will be duplicated and included in the Vagoon House Brochure. Lastly, the ‘How we work’ page on the current site will replaced by the specifications page.



2500 – 3500 kg

Steel Frame
Thermowood Pine Cladding
Galvanized Sheet Metal Cladding
4 + 12 + 4 Glass Windows
Aluminum Joinery
Aluminum Window and Door Frames available in custom colors

Marine Grade Water-Resistant Wood Paneling
5cm 40 density wool insulation between roof, floor and walls
Customizable Floor and Wall Colors

MDFLam Kitchen Cabinets
Solid Oak Kitchen Counters
Steel Buckle and Kitchen Battery Installation

Clean and Waste Water Installation
Toilet and Sink Installation

Clean and waste water can be taken directly from any network connection.
On-board tanks are available for an addition fee.

18.000 BTU Marine Grade Air Conditioning System
Fire-proof Electrical Cable Installation

Solar Power
Solar panels can be installed to operate Vagoon House electrical appliances for an additional fee.

The tires carrying Vagoon House are special load tires with one ton capacity for each.

Although Vagoon House looks like a home / office / work place, it is actually a vehicle with license plate, license, roads exit permits. Vagoon House does not have a motor, so it is not subject to motor vehicle taxes.

License plate and type approval certification included.

Because Vagoon House is produced using natural building materials, it needs to be maintained over time. We provide service related to your issues related to maintenance or repair.

2 Year Warranty

The finished Vagoon House will be delivered to your desired location.

4-6 Week Lead-time

Each and every Vagoon House is fully customizable. Pricing is determined by customization option selected by the client.

Base Price 18,500 Euro + VAT
Prices Include Shipping
50% Advance Payment, Balance Upon Delivery

Each of the eight amazing Vagoon House Models will have an individual gallery. The images will be sized at different aspect ratios to create interest and accommodate the various social media platforms.



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