Vagoon House Website



Project Overview

Vagoon House is more than a tiny home, it is a revolution. It affords owners adventure, freedom, mobility and simplicity. The Vagoon House website will feature stunning photography reflective of the spirit of independence. The graphic design will be clean, friendly and modern. Functionality will include responsive design, multiple language support as well as a life-style blog.


Home Page

The Vagoon Home Page will feature a full width background image. The Background image can be changed periodically to reflect the seasons, new product introductions or destinations.


Models Page

The Models Page will be a gallery page showing all eight amazing Vagoon models. The page will include links to the specification page for each individual model. Additionally, the models page will include a full width slider.

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Specifications Pages

Each of the eight amazing Vagoon House Models will have a technical specification page. The pages will include custom designed icons to highlight the features within each Vagoon House Model. Additionally, the content and layout of the pages will be duplicated and included in the Vagoon House Brochure. Lastly, the ‘How we work’ page on the current site will replaced by the specifications page.

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Gallery Pages

Each of the eight amazing Vagoon House Models will have an individual gallery. The images will be sized at different aspect ratios to create interest and accommodate the various social media platforms.

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Forms Pages

The Vagoon House website will include two form pages: a contact page and on-line order form.

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Blog Page

The Vagoon website will also include a lifestyle blog that highlights owners, travel and more.