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Aya Kapadokya is a stunning example of 19th century Anatolian Greek architecture. Rescued from rubble and ruin, the twelve room boutique hotel now stands proudly in the heart of Cappadocia. Aya holds many surprises including a chapel, cave suites, two wineries, a library and three amazing outdoor spaces with panoramic views of the valley.




Equestrian Suite

The Equestrian, Riders Rest. Cappadocia is ‘The Land of Beautiful Horses.’ For centuries riders caught and tamed wild horses. The equestrians crossed the wide valleys and the steep mountains by horseback, spreading the fame of these strong and resilient beasts. To protect their priceless horses, the people of Cappadocia kept the animals close and commonly had a stable within the household. The Equestrian Suite was once used as the main stable at Aya Kapadokya.


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Aya Kapadokya is home to twelve very different suites. Each suite includes a unique gallery page and photography archive.


Equestrian Suite | Amenities

In addition to a unique photography archive, each suite includes a distinct features and amenities page.