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Aya Kapadokya is a stunning example of 19th century Anatolian Greek architecture. Rescued from rubble and ruin, the twelve room boutique hotel now stands proudly in the heart of Cappadocia. Aya holds many surprises including a chapel, cave suites, two wineries, a library and three amazing outdoor spaces with panoramic views of the valley.




Divan Suite

Divan, Crown of the Valley. Guests have always been the ‘Crowns of the Head’ for people of Anatolia. Guests bring joy, good luck and prosperity to the home. They are welcomed with delight and high regard. That is why the rooms reserved for visitors are always the the most elaborate. The Divan of Aya Kapadokya was once the living quarters for the original guests. It is not a coincidence that it is located at the top floor, showing the respect of the household. When renovations began, the location was no more than a pile of rubble on an empty lot. Based on a single image of the structure (taken in 1924 before the building collapsed) and a single stone found among the debris, The Divan rises again to where it once stood proudly.


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Aya Kapadokya is home to twelve very different suites. Each suite includes a unique gallery page and photography archive.


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In addition to a unique photography archive, each suite includes a distinct features and amenities page.