Armut Backstage

Armut Backstage featuring Haluk BB. Haluk BB is a musician based in Istanbul, Turkey. His adventure, which started in bars in 1993, continued with the group Bangkok BB in 2000. In 2009, he released his first digital single “I’m Still In.” In 2012, “Wake Up” was released with his band Bangkok BB. Haluk’s first solo venture “Possible?” was published in 2014. Haluk BB, who has over 2,000 live performances to his credit, entered the band Kargo as lead vocalist in 2014 with the album release of “Change World.” Armut Backstage features the single “Armut” from the album “Kim kaldı?” by Haluk BB.

Produced by Ozan Altun
Art Direction and Post-Production by Jason B Graham

“Kim kaldı?” by Haluk BB