Inspired by the charm of Alaçatı, Turkey, the redhorse|redhouse collection and concept store were designed by Jason B Graham. The collection has been featured in numerous publications including Elle Décor and Turkish Airlines.


Inspired by the warm breezes, the warm people and the casual charm of Turkey’s Aegean coast, the redhorse|redhouse collection debuted in 2011. Local folklore even inspired the name. According to the legend, the one-time ruler of Alaçatı had a red horse. When riding the horse through town, villagers would refer to him as ‘Alaca Atlı’ or the Horseman. Over time, Alaca Atlı became Alaçatı.

I was inspired to design the redhorse collection during my first visit. I turned to my companion on warm starry night and said, “Someone should open a home furnishings store here.”  The boutique was opened just one year later. Concurrently, the redhorse|redhouse wholesale collection premiered at Evteks Textile Fair.


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