Big Chefs Cafe and Brasserie was founded by Gamze Cirelii. Gamze is a well-known entrepreneur and accomplished businesswoman. She opened her first Big Chefs in 2007. In 2009, after a successful partnership with Saruhan Tan, Big Chefs moved to Istanbul. Between 2011 and 2013, Big Chefs experienced rapid growth of 350%. In 2014, Big Chefs reached across the gulf and opened its doors in Dubai. Today, Big Chefs has 36 branches with more than 2000 employees, serving over 4 million guests in Turkey and internationally.


The collaboration with Big Chefs includes the sourcing and product development of textiles for locations based in Istanbul. I have had the pleasure to develop, source and manufacture thousands of products. Services include design, product development, sourcing and quality assurance. The wholesale collection features locally produced, handcrafted products. I collaborate with artisans, entrepreneurs and brands of all sizes. Each partnership includes a shared passion for authenticity, creativity and teamwork.



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