Ali Öner

Artist and Chemical Engineer Ali Öner spent his early artistic endeavors in the medium of oil painting and mixed materials. In the late nineties, with the evolution of technology, Ali was able to combine his passions for science and art. Ali’s digital color and abstract shapes began to take form when the canvas was replaced by the computer screen. As a pioneer in the genre of fractal art, his award winning artwork has been featured worldwide.

Artist Ali Öner, known by FractAli in the art world, uses a special program to generate the fractal patterns and designs seen in his creations. In the same way living organisms interact during the stages of creation, Ali believes that the formulas become partners in the formation of his work. The result is a snapshot of time and space. In his digital works of art, color is an important part of the formula used to ‘paint’ the final image. The colored ‘pixels’ form the memory and the fate of the next pattern. Through color, there is order. The spiraling motion, the vivid colors and patterns within each abstract structure are an invitation for the discovery of the next. Like the natural world, there is a sense that each creation is evolving. As Ali describes it, “The seed of one pattern creates the next.”



I proudly collaborated with Ali Öner to curate an amazing collection of fractal wall art. The fractal images are printed using Durst Lambda technology for the highest quality resolution. Digitally printed on museum-quality paper, the art includes year of creation and the digital signature of the artist.



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