Backgammon | Tavla

Backgammon has a documented history dating back more than 5,000 years making it one of the oldest games in existence. Although the origins are unknown, it is believed to have been first played in the Mesopotamian Plains of Southern Turkey. Today, backgammon can be thought of as the national board game of Turkey. It is played nearly everywhere (including street corners, cafes and the beach) throughout the country. Backgammon is typically played to the best of five games and often accompanied by coffee, tea or raki. The loser of the match commonly picks up the tab for the beverages.


Some believe that tavla was created as representation of our journey through time and space. Seasons are represented by four quadrants. Months are represented by twelve points. Days are represented by thirty checkers. Hours are represented by 24 total points. Day and night are represented by the contrasting colors. Chance is represented by the dice. Lastly, skill and experience are represented by the players.



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