Köfte | Turkish Meatballs

Köfte are often referred to as Turkish meatballs. There are hundreds of different varieties. The recipes vary from region to region and even town to town. Some include breadcrumbs, bulgur or rice. Other varieties are made solely with meat. They can be made from beef, lamb, or a combination of both. Additionally, they can vary in size and shape. Some varieties are long and flat, others are shaped into balls or patties.



The primary ingredients of köfte include minced meat (most commonly beef), parsley, bread crumbs, onion and a range of spices including cumin, oregano, mint powder, red or black pepper powder. Once thoroughly combined, the mixture is formed into shape. Finally, the meatballs are grilled or fried. They are commonly served with flatbread, yoghurt and onions seasoned with sumac. Meatballs served on sourdough bread (köfte ekmek) is a regional street food specialty.


Quick Guide


Köfte can be found in every region of Turkey. The word köfte is sometimes preceded by the name of a town, which refers to the technique for cooking it or the ingredients or spices specifically used in that region.


Köfte is available all year.



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