Dolma | Stuffed Vegetables

Dolma is a family of stuffed vegetable dishes. The word dolma a derivation of the Turkish verb ‘dolmak’ which means ‘to be stuffed.’ Although dolma are most typically made from vegetables, stuffed mussels (midiye dolması) is a regional speciality. Commonly stuffed vegetables include eggplant (patlıcan dolması), squash blossoms (çiçek dolması), tomato (domates dolması), pepper (biber dolması) and zucchini (kabak dolması).



Dolma can be served hot or cold. Generally, hot dolma is stuffed with ground meat and rice or bulgar. Served cold, dolma is typically stuffed with seasoned rice.


Quick Guide


Dolma can be found in every region of Turkey. Stuffed leeks (pırasa dolması) and stuffed celery root (kereviz dolması) are Aegean specialities.


Dolma are available all year.



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