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Sour plums are believed to have originated the Anatolian region of Turkey. Additionally, it is believed that they have been traded in the region for more than 2,000 years. In Turkey, sour plums mark the start of spring. Available in markets and on street corners, the small green plums are firm, tart and crunchy. More than 200 varieties of plums are grown in Turkey. The most common variety available is can eriği. Other varieties include papaz eriği (a sweeter, juicier, crunchier plum) and köy eriği (a larger and softer plum).


Quick Guide


Sour plums are known as erik in Turkey.


In Turkey, plums thrive everywhere with the exception of the high mountain meadows and the very hot and dry areas in Southeastern Anatolia. The primary regions for the cultivation include the Aegean, Marmara and Mediterranean.


The peak season for sour plums begins in April and lasts until June.



Plates of chilled sour plums commonly are served together with fresh apricots. Some prefer plums sprinkles with a bit of salt. Additionally, sour green plums traditionally served along side raki (rakı). In the Southeast Eastern region of Turkey they are commonly used in meat dishes.



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