Peas | Bezelye

Peas are an ancient food source. Archeological evidence from Shanidar Cave in Iraq indicates that humans have bean consuming peas for 46,000 years. Additionally, it is believed that peas were domesticated approximately 11,000 years ago at the site of Jerf el Ahmar, Syria. By 500 BC, the Greeks and the Romans were cultivating dried peas. Street vendors in Athens were even selling hot pea soup.



In Turkey, steamed or cooked peas are commonly served with olive oil. Regional specialties include pea stew with beef (etli bezelye).


Quick Guide


Peas are known as bezelye in Turkish.


The Southeastern Anatolian region is well-known for the cultivation of legumes. However, peas represent less than one percent of the total legumes grown in Turkey.


Fresh peas are available from June to August.



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