Peach | Şeftali

The ancient ancestors of modern peaches originated China. It is believed that peaches were consumed in China as early as 4000 BC. Thought to increase longevity, the peach was a favorite food of emperors and kings. The formation of the Persian Empire, and later the Silk Road, brought peaches further west. People living in the Persian Empire and India are believed to have enjoyed peaches since as early as 500 BC. Persians introduced to the fruit to the Romans who referred to peaches as malum persicum – the “Persian Apple.” By 100 BC, peaches were consumed throughout the Roman Empire. Alexander the Great is credited for the spread into Europe. Today, Turkey ranks sixth in the world in peach production.



In Turkey, peaches are eaten fresh, juiced and dried.


Quick Guide


In Turkish, peaches are called şeftali.


Peaches are cultivated in the Aegean, Marmara, Mediterranean regions of Turkey. However, half of the peaches produced come from the Marmara Region.


The peak season for peaches begins in June and lasts until September.



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