Onion | Soğan

Onion is one of the oldest cultivated vegetables. Believed to have originated in central Asia, it has been cultivated for over 5,000 years. Onions have enjoyed a important role in human history and have been celebrated centuries. The ancient Egyptians painted onions on the walls of their pyramids and presented them as offerings to the gods. In ancient Greece, onions were prescribed for heart disorders, joint pain and many other ailments. Additionally, onions were consumed by Greek soldiers and athletes who believed onions gave them strength of the gods. The ancient Romans regularly consumed onion and brought it with them on conquests to expand the empire. Today, Turkey is the fourth largest producer of onions in the world.



Onion is an important component in Turkish cuisine. It is utilized in meat dishes and consumed in salads.


Quick Guide


Onion is known as soğan in Turkish.


Onions can be found in every region of Turkey.


Onions are available all year. The peak season for harvest is March and April.



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