Cherry | Kiraz

With 8 million cherry trees, Turkey is the largest producer of cherries in the world. Indigenous to northeastern Anatolia and the South Caucasus region between the coasts of the Black Sea and Caspian Sea, cherries have been cultivated since the time of the Pontic Greeks. There are red, yellow-pink, scarlet and deep red varieties of cherries available. The most common varieties in Turkey are the Karabodur (Black Dwarf), Dalbastı (Pressing on the Bough) and Napolyon (A variety of the Bing Cherry).



In Turkey, cherries are consumed fresh, cooked and preserved. Sour cherry preserves are a common breakfast accompaniment.


Quick Guide


In Turkish, there are two words for cherry: kiraz and vişne. Kiraz refers to sweet cherries that are best eaten fresh. Vişne refers to sour varieties that are best suited for cooking or preserving.


Cherries are primarily cultivated in Turkey’s Black Sea and Marmara regions. The Black Sea city of Giresun is believed to be the home to the world’s oldest cherry orchards.


Cherries begin to appear in markets and street carts beginning in late May and are available until mid-August. The peak season is June and July.



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