Basil | Fesleğen

Basil is not commonly grown in Turkey. Nor is it a traditional ingredient in the cuisine. However, it is available at premium grocery stores. Although the Mediterranean region is ideally suited for commercial cultivation, most basil in the region is grown for individual consumption. In Turkey, the term basil (fesleğen in Turkish) is identified with globe basil. Globe basil is plant with small aromatic leaves. In the summer months, globe basil is used at homes and restaurants as a natural insect repellent. If you are seeking traditional basil, it is best to request Italian Basil (İtalyan Fesleğen).



Basil can be used fresh, dried or cooked. It is commonly used in the preparation of pesto. Cheese, tomato and basil are a classic combination.


Quick Guide


In Turkish, basil is called İtalyan fesleğen.


Italian Basil is not widely grown in Turkey. However, the Mediterranean is well suited for cultivation.



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