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Walnut has a rich history dating back thousands of years. Walnuts are native to a wide region extending from the Carpathian Mountains, across Turkey and to Middle East. Dating back as far as 7000 BC, walnuts are believed to be one of the oldest tree foods known to man. Located near the modern Turkish city of Polatlı, walnut furniture was discovered in the tomb of King Midas (reign 750 – 700 BC). The Romans called walnuts Jupiter’s Royal Acorn (Juglans Regia). Today, with over 6 million trees, Turkey is the fourth largest producer of walnuts in the world.



Every part of the walnut tree is ultized in Turkey. Leaves are used in tea, roots for medicinal use and shells as a natural dye. Eaten dried and roasted, walnuts are also commonly used in desserts including baklava, ice cream and halva.


Quick Guide


In Turkish, walnuts are called ceviz.


Led by the Central Anatolian Region, walnuts are cultivated in nearly every part of Turkey. The provinces of Zonguldak, Hakkari, Çorum, Van, Kastamonu, Bursa, Kahramanmaraú and Tokat are well-known production centers.


Walnuts ripen in September and October.



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