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Eggs and birds predate the existence of humans in evolutionary history. High in protein, bird eggs have been a valuable food source for humans since prehistory. It is believed that chickens were domesticated in China sometime between 7000 – 6000 BC. The ancient Chinese described fowl as “the domestic animal who knows time.” The description is likely in reference to the early morning call of the rooster and the reliability of the hen to lay eggs. Additionally, history indicates that fowl were domesticated in India as early as 3200 BC. To ensure a regular food supply, historians believe fowl were eaten more often than the eggs. However, Egyptian and Chinese archeological records indicate that fowl were laying eggs for man by 1400 BC. Today, eggs play an important economic and cultural role in Turkey. The country, which produces more than 14 billion eggs each year, is the 11th largest producer worldwide.




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