Meat, Seafood, Poultry | Et, Balık, Piliç

Meat, seafood and poultry are an important part of Turkish Cuisine. Although Turkish cuisine may be best known for kebab, meat is actually used sparely. Meat dishes are most commonly served with an equal (or many cases greater) proportion of vegetables and/or carbohydrates.


Eggs | Yurmurta

Fish | Balık

High in protein, bird eggs have been a valuable food source for humans since prehistory. Today, eggs play an important economic and cultural role in Turkey. The country, which produces more than 14 billion eggs each year, is the 11th largest producer worldwide.
Fish is an important part of Turkish cuisine. Bordered the Aegean, Mediterranean and Black Sea, fish are bountiful. Common varieties of local fresh fish include anchovy, bluefish, bonito, mackerel, pandora, red mullet, sardines, sea bass, sea bream and turbot.



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