Yoghurt | Yoğurt

Yoghurt is a derivation of the Turkish word yoğurt. Like cheese, the production of yoghurt predates recorded history. It is believed that yoghurt first appeared between 8000 and 7000 BC (concurrent with the domestication of livestock). Although there is no conclusive indication to where yoghurt originated, archeological evidence suggests that it first appeared in the fertile Mesopotamian Plains between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. There are two general theories about how the first yoghurt was created. The first theory is that it was created by nomadic merchants who transported milk in pouches made from the stomach lining sheep and goats. Combined with the rennet in the lining of the pouch and heat of the sun, the milk to turned to yoghurt. Similarly, the second theory suggests that milk (set out as an offering to the Gods) curdled and became yoghurt.



For thousands of years, yogurt has been an indispensible element in Turkish cuisine. It is consumed plain or as a side dish. Yoghurt is most commonly served as an accompaniment to savory dishes. Yogurt is used to make soups, sweets, and a beverage called ayran (which is made by mixing yoghurt with water and salt).


Quick Guide

Yoghurt is made in every region of Turkey.

Yoghurt is available all year.


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Ayran | Salted Yoghurt

Ayran is a yoghurt based beverage. Although there is no evidence to the origins of ayran, it is believed to have originated in Southern Anatolia as a way to preserve yoghurt with salt.

Cheese | Peynir

Cheese is made in every region of Turkey and local varieties often include the name of the area in which they are produced. 60% of the annual milk supply in the country is used to produce regional cheese and yoghurt. Common varieties of cheese include Beyaz, Burgu, Dil, Hellumi, Kaşar, Tulum, Lor and Örgü Peynir.



Clotted Cream | Kaymak

Kaymak is a creamy dairy product similar to clotted cream. In Turkey, the decadent cream has been produced for centuries. At one time, entire shops were dedicated to its sale. The allure of kayak is well-documented. In fact, to avoid the temptation, in 1573 women were prohibited from entering kaymak shops.

Ice Cream | Dondurma

The history of the Turkish ice cream (dondurma) dates back between 300 and 500 years to the Anatolian city of Maraş. An abundant supply of ice, salep, goat milk and mastic resin led to the creation of a creamy, dense, ice cream called dondurma.



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