Ice Cream | Dondurma

Ice cream in its earliest forms held little resemblance to the modern dessert of today. Biblical passages refer to King Solomon (1010 – 931 BC) enjoying icy drinks during harvest. Likewise, Alexander the Great (356 – 323 BC) is said to have indulged in icy drinks flavored with honey or wine. Tang Dynasty Emperors (618 – 907 AD) are believed to have been the first to consume an early variety using frozen milk. This version was produced by combining milk, flour and camphor (an aromatic substance from evergreen trees) before freezing.


The history of the Turkish ice cream (dondurma) dates back between 300 – 500 years to the Anatolian city of Maraş. Situated at foot of Mount Ahır Dağı in Turkey’s Mediterranean Region, Maraş is known for hot summers, mastic tree orchards and a rare variety of orchid called Salep. The foothills of the region are also ideally suited for the rearing of goats. An abundant supply of ice, salep, goat milk and mastic resin led to the creation of a creamy, dense, ice cream called dondurma. Dondurma is made by combining all of the ingredients and then whipping them until the desired consistency is achieved. The mixture is then frozen before being served. Dondurma, because of the availability of salep, is completely unique to Turkey.



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