Lemonade | Limonata

Lemonade is called limonata in Turkish. Lemons have been cultivated for more than 2,500 years. Archaeological evidence suggests that traders introduced the lemons to the Middle East and Africa shortly after 100 AD. It is believed that lemons were brought to Italy in the second century and were being cultivated in the fertile Mesopotamian Plains and Egypt a few centuries later. The ancient Egyptians developed the first lemonade around 500 AD. The beverage, called qatarmizat, was made from lemon juice and sugar. It was so valued that qatarmizat was only allowed to be consumed by the Pharoh and the royal family.


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Ayran | Salted Yoghurt

Ayran is a yoghurt based beverage. Although there is no evidence to the origins of ayran, it is believed to have originated in Southern Anatolia as a way to preserve yoghurt.


Raki | Rakı

Raki is considered by many as the national alcoholic beverage of Turkey. Unlike beer or wine, which are produced by fermentation, raki is produced from distilled raisins and aniseed.

Turkish Coffee | Kahve

Coffee is said to have been introduced to Turkey by Ottoman Governor Özdemir Pasha. Istanbul’s first coffeehouse was opened in 1554. Today, coffee persists as an important part of the social and cultural experience.


Turkish Tea | Çay

Turkish tea is an important part of the Turkish culture. Offered to guests as a symbol of friendship and hospitality, it is served in homes, tea gardens and cafes throughout the country.

Wine | Şarap

Evidence indicates that domestication of the grape occurred between 6,000 – 8,000 years ago in Turkey’s Black Sea Region. Wine has been produced in Turkey for six thousand years.



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