Turkish Pide | Flatbread

Pide is a flatbread traditionally baked in clay or stone oven. Every region has a unique variety of the flatbread. A crisp, dense version of pide, called Radaman Pide, is available during the the time of religious fasting. A boat shaped pide, simply called pide, is served with various toppings and frequently referred to as Turkish Pizza. Toppings can include cheese, vegetables or meat.


The exact origins of Turkish Pizza are disputed. Some believe the dish is related to an Ottoman flatbread called tokalak. Others argue that it was invented during the Turkish War of Independence (1919 – 1923) as a way utilize discarded or leftover ingredients. In either case, nearly all agree that pide likely originated Samsun, Turkey. Traditional Samsun pide is called kıymalı. Kıymalı is filled with a mixture of lamb, onion and spices, enclosed in dough and then baked.




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