Çeşme, Turkey

In Turkish, çeşme means fountain. Çeşme, Turkey is the fountain of the Aegean coast. Located just 7 kilometers from the Greek island of Chios, the city is known for its marina, beautiful beaches and crystal clear water.  Çeşme, called by many windsurfing and kite-surfing capital of Turkey, is ranked as one of best surfing resort in the world. The city is also home to the Çeşme Archaeology Museum and the Çeşme Castle, a restored Genoese military fortress.

Historically, Çeşme was a trading port – exporting local products including grapes, wine, olives, olive oil and mastic. Mastic, the resin from the mastic tree, is known to have been popular in during the Roman Era when children chewed it as gum. In Ottoman times, it was highly prized by the Sultan’s Harem as a breath freshener. It is also a key ingredient in Turkish ice cream.

Çeşme, Turkey | Izmir Province | Aegean Region



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